New Website Launched....Well....Kind of.

So the new site is live, but still lacking a lot of content.

For the past few years I had dedicated most of my time to my full time marketing/photography/video job. And during this time, my former website really was just a simple blog that was populated by my photography Instagram account.

So that excuse plus the fact that even after a year living in our new house, I still haven’t finished my office. Which means that I still haven’t unpacked most of my hard drives, I don’t have access to my portfolio and past images to populate this new website.

The good news is that I am just about done painting the office and installing everything I need to finally unpack said hard drives and update this….new website.

So in other words, stay tuned for more updates and photos that make the website seem that I have actually been capturing the work through my lens for the past few years.

Steven M Bisig